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Welcome to the new web site of Prima Group

About Us

Welcome to the new web site of PRIMA GROUP.

This page is intended to be a communication space while offering a powerful information tool for Paraguayan and foreign business people, as well as our representatives abroad, foreign representatives in our country and to all who could develop or develop business in Paraguay to the world.

We invite you to visit our new website, featuring new sections, more information and easy navigation where you will surely find the necessary support for the realization of new businesses that would add value to your entrepreneurship.

We hope your visit to the site allow you to know us better, to get to know our services and activities with specialized information that we believe will be of your interest and a space dedicated to investment opportunities in our country.



We have a qualified Staff consisting of:

- Agricultural Engineers
- Veterinarians
- Land Surveyors
- Architects
- Accountants
- Attorneys

Contact us

As part of our services we engage strongly with everyone interested, informing them about the business areas, Legal, Notary Features, Techniques, Advantages and Disadvantages related to the business and the desired project.


Address: Tte. Nuñez 890 c/ Padre Cardozo

Attention in Spanish
Phone: 21 595 2261 92-205860
Fax: 595 21 2106 85
Mobile: 595 981 4006 10

Attention in English
Abog. Eduardo Alfaro Parot
Mobile: 595 981 464570

Asunción - Paraguay

Arq. Eduardo Alfaro Riera
Presidente de Asociacion Paraguaya de Inmobiliarias Rurales (APIR)
Miembro De La Comisión Directiva De La Asociación Rural Del Paraguay (ARP)
Director del Departamento Técnico de la Expo
Miembro de la Cámara De Comercio Paraguaya Italiana, Y Gremiales
Miembro de la Cámara De Anunciantes del Paraguay
Miembro de la Cámara De Comercio e Industria Paraguayo - Alemana
Miembro de la Cámara De Comercio Paraguayo – Argentina
Miembro de la Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio, Industria Y Servicios en Paraguay
Miembro de Foro Brasil – Paraguay
Miembro de la Cámara De Comercio Paraguayo – Americana
For any question please contact us: alfaro@conexion.com.py

Other Contacts
Skype: eduardo.alfaro